Excellent article, i hope to use some tips in my games. Many people may think I'm kidding but this is precisely the formation used by teams that the referee seems to be part of them. This will shield the ball, if the opponent over-commits to one side of your player, simply turning the other way will beat him. Instead try to use them once or twice a game, when you know they will be effective—your opponent will never see it coming. Is there some kind of control settings u use to make it easier cause its ridiculous. 5-3-1-2, eleven players beyond the goalkeeper. How can i run fast and not too fast, do I have to release the speed button? I was literally screaming, swearing, flinging controllers. Repositioning yourself to attack a header or be in front of your opponent can be the deciding factor in winning a header. I'm suffering in Fifa ! Ramona Jar from New York on April 23, 2013: I could never play this game, since it appears so difficult to me. But now i wanna try to play more possession even if im an impatient player and not use to possesion style. I really do love it when people like you get on your high horse over this game, I would love the chance to play you but unfortunately I'm on PS3. Wir möchten euch unsere Empfehlungen für FIFA 20 can anyone give me some tips plz? 91 ref. Thanks for the tips they will come in handy at some point. I'm struggling at scoring. 90 pos. But there are a lot of things to take into consideration when aiming your shot, which I will detail below. Amazing details though ;). INTERCEPTIONS Normal Interceptions. Maybe starting in 442 (2) is an option with balance play then switching out to 4222 if i need that extra goal. SUPPORT ON CROSSES Get Into The Box For Cross. I could always sub reus & robben when switching to 4222 using either kroos, draxler, diego or gundogan as my CAMS. And I realize that when I focus to keep the ball from the beginning of the game I do well at it w attacking but they score some lucky goal and i don't always come back and my possession goes down. Thanks again for all your help, I will try that camera angle. @ktPras RB+X is a fine combo, however it will cause you to drag players out. the game is not fun anymore....i broke my 6th controller today man....I never broke or became mad for any game in my lifeeeeeee!!!!! The two holding midfielders offer you some nice security in defense too! I have certainly learnt some things. Mr Awbery (author) from England on September 26, 2013: @RDS Thanks man keep coming back for more articles - especially as FIFA 14 is out tomorrow! Hi, nice tips. Even on goal kicks, try and move back, and then begin to move to where the ball will land, this is difficult to time at first, but it will give you a distinct advantage, this also applies to every type of header, be it defending or attacking. i don't use any team but man u..and at this level the other teams are just better...i switch between 4-1-2-1-2 and 4-3-3 false 9 but nothing works...please give me some advice on formation or what i need to do to improve?? For most people it is difficult to admit that they are not perfect. Im not bad at the game I just can't help myself from spamming the long ball because I struggle with possession and defending! 89 kic. I reckon I may as we'll give up or go and try pro evo or something? P.s you on xbox one yet? My questions is wath fomation and wath custom tactics is good for possession, and wath u think about my counter attack custom tactics. But when in space and with a knock on or two its deadly. Mr Awbery (author) from England on October 03, 2013: @coolfish - I don't quite get what you mean man? Great Tips! Use "LT" when in a tight situation to turn away from your opponent. Mr Awbery (author) from England on September 28, 2013: In all honesty, there is that method - or change your auto switching down from high to low? I really like these tips, and when I switched to manual at the start of 13, I had to learn a lot of this the hard way. Defence. Now, in FIFA 20, heading is much more about positioning and timing than in previous editions of the game. That could be because you have chosen the wrong formation for your players and your playstyle. I cannot switch to the goalie. This is just one example. @Dd - I am simply informing people on how to win games on FIFA, unfortunately you seem to be missing the point of this article... Also I would like to question your point about it not being serious, when you are on an article about how to win on FIFA? I know I suck at FIA 14 or any video games, but I still play :).
The difference between a winner and a loser boils down to who can take their chances, and if your opponent is better at taking chances than you, you will probably lose. And also since mr awberys tips, I could swear I won A header the other day. This can be infuriating, and I often hear people complain that heading is broken on this game. Second, when I am attacking and running in always run too fast than the aponant take the pool, I like to run fast but same time I can't slow down when the openent getting close to me. I've been playing for last 3 days and won just 1 and lost 30. Mr Awbery (author) from England on June 29, 2013: @jrwarmke - i completely agree- too many people just hold RB and just expect to get the ball, all the while drawing defenders out, properly used its amazing, but it is overused in all honesty. I find this very difficult, and although yes there have been a couple of occasions where I have been infuriated by the autoswitching, its generally never done me any harm! What's with the keepers just stand there beating triangle out off it an nothing keepers are useless in it its pissing me off big time.

Always try to be unpredictable. Mr Awbery (author) from England on October 01, 2013: @Jamie - Thanks man! Now the way I play: when my opponent has possession, I only chase the ball with my midfielders, it's too risky to chase the ball with your defenders. Lol, Nice feedback man! 95 ter stegen gk 96 div. When I sprint with the ball while holding RT button ( I know it is not right way), how can I stop the ball without losing the ball to opponent. Don't choose a team solely based on stats–the players should match your playstyle as well. Timing is also key, simply spamming B (or X) when the ball is played may win some headers, but timing your jump to coincide with the arrival of the ball will win you many more headers than the previous tactic will. Now, once you have the possession needed to push forward and keep your opponent at bay, you will want to know how to finish properly. What I mean is that when I tried this tactic, i tend to lose the ball after attacking and they end up getting a chance to score.
You cannot run around holding sprint. Arthur Bianchini from Cedar Park on April 30, 2017: Enjoyed the article a lot, I am a fan of the 4-3-3 a lot but I do switch once in awhile depending on the team I play with. Do you know how some playerrs are playing these balls over the top of my defence, which curl into the path for opposition players to run onto, if i try this the ball goes stright, it does not curl/swerve and it is directly at my player slowing him down. 48 spe. I have one problem that my other friends don't and still I don't know what caused.

@Furesburg - Exactly man, these tips are not designed to turn you into a beast, but they will help you understand the finer concepts of FIFA. I am used to years of just holding down A to tackle and that's it! Predictability will be your greatest enemy, so do the unexpected, even if it doesn't work all the time.

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